VoxUkraine is an analytical platform, led by a group of leading global economists, lawyers, and members of the Ukrainian policy community who are working on reforms in Ukraine.

The work of VoxUkraine’s experts is published on its website,, which has become an important resource both for policymakers and media in Ukraine and abroad.

We publish the results of a research conducted by VoxUkraine in two key projects:

  1. Project iMoRe (Index to Monitor Reforms) – a quantitative index of reform perception that tracks regulatory changes taking place in Ukraine and evaluates their importance.

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  1. Project Reformometr. VoxUkraine team and «Ukrainska Pravda» prepared a special project on how Ukraine fulfills its commitments on reforms envisaged by  memorandum with the IMF. The task for the Ukrainian authorities is not easy: almost a hundred different activities to be held by 2018.

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